Sunday, September 25, 2011

genie bra review

i bought something that i saw on an infomercial. no, i didnt frantically run for the phone and order the incredible double offer from the infomercial but i did go to the "as seen on tv" section of my local bed bath and beyond and bought the genie bra.
i didnt do this blindly, i first went online and looked up reviews. but i will admit i felt alittle silly.
so here's my review:
the first day i wore my genie bra i thought it was GREAT maybe even worthy of a mass email to all my friends. it was comfortable, stayed in place, held me in place, and the claim no back fat was true - it was what every woman wants her bra to be. i told my mom about it and told her to rush to bed bath and beyond right then and get one. she didnt and reminded me that i was probably not the best judge of bras since i recently weaned my baby and had been wearing nursing bras for the last 15 months (nursing bras are the WORST!!!!!! no support and you have to wear them ALL the time.)
on the second day it was still good. the bottom band rode up a little but i was still comfortable.
so to make a long blog post alittle shorter -

pros: very comfortable
no back fat
comes with inserts for coverage
works well with tshirts

cons: band does ride up
elasticity does seem to wane after washing

i like my genie bras and am glad i got them. i ended up getting 2 from bed bath and beyond for $16 (i used their 20% off coupon) so it was a good price for a decent bra.

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