Sunday, September 25, 2011

sewing projects just not working

awhile back i got some sewing time and whipped out 2 tops and a dress. i liked my creations but knew they all werent the best. so sadly, i ended up donating 2 of them. i hate having to give away clothes that i made and worked hard on but in the long run its much better that someone else wear it than it just sitting in my closet or worse yet, wearing it myself.
here they are:
blue dress - why it just didnt work: dress had a too wide neckline (which is interesting because i have wide shoulders - cant imagine how this would look on someone with normal or tiny shoulders)
waistline seam was too low for me
i think i mixed up the back skirt pieces and the front ones, the skirt hangs weirdblue top - why it didnt work: bad choice of fabric (totally got suckered into the sale at joanns)
too boxy and not right for my body type
bad hem length

and here is the top that came out right. i love it!!

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