Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a wedding dress

i made my friend's wedding dress, well really i see her as one of my sisters. so i was honored for her to ask me to make her dress. we took a skirt from the gap, an old veil and a bed sheet and made an awesome dress.
here is how it turned out and honestly it was the perfect dress to fit her fun spirit and personality. oh, and the wedding was totally fun and i was bummed that we had to leave before the dancing started.
all the best to ellie and drew in their life together. (and thank you for getting married so my daughter could go to her first wedding. she LOVED it!!)


speedymom said...

Wow, it looks aweseome!! You are so ingenious!

Eleanor said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Lyndy. I got so so many compliments on the dress. When we get our professional photos back we'll get you come for your blog. Love you!