Monday, June 25, 2012

miles is 2!!

i am so thankful for miles and glad that God chose him for our family. 
my wonderful, adorable, joyful boy is now 2. i can hardly believe it. he is such a boy now - walking as fast as he can, getting into everything, wrestling with his sister and trying to climb on stuff. he is also coloring and can pick up his toys and put them away (when he wants to). he has moved up to the next level sunday school at church (18-24 months) and also in his class at childcare (18 months - 3 years). He is doing very well with the added challenges and funner toys.
miles still loves to play with balls and is getting into pushing cars.

miles' health has been good, just the usual colds and allergies of the season. he did have a low white blood cell count last july but we went to the hematologist a week later and it was already coming up quite quickly  and his cells looked normal under the microscope (kids with down syndrome have a slightly higher risk of leukemia).
we have had some trouble with his eating. he used to eat quite a variety of foods and even ate some of our foods like: chili, stir fry, meatloaf. when he began teething he didnt want the textures so we let him go back to baby food. now he seems to have just a few things on his preferred list and will refuse anything else. i have battled him by holding both his arms and mouth shut, its not fun and not productive. so to make a long story short we are working with some of this therapists and his pediatrician to get him back on normal foods. thats why in the picture he looks so thrilled with his frosted ritz crackers. ritz crackers are on his preferred list but frosting is not. (although today i did get him to eat lunchmeat for lunch, YEAH!! we have some progress, thank you Lord!)

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