Sunday, July 1, 2012

our little swimming pool

 we got our little pool and started enjoying it about a week ago. i had filled it up with a vacuum and made sure that each level was really full, not a good idea. i think i burst some seams because we lost air fast. so we went out and bought another pool, which ended up being on sale the week we needed it. good thing they are cheap. and i filled it up very carefully. yeah for inflatable pools.
 we will also be purchasing better swim diapers for miles. he had a poop explosion a few minutes after these pictures and the fun was over. hurray for babies in pools.
miles loved "swimming" (well for him it was walking around and splashing). i was a nervous wreck with him in the pool (as you can see in the last picture). but towards the end i was alittle more laid back and let him walk without my hands on him. he did fine.

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