Friday, July 13, 2012

cow appreciation day

i love chick fil a and i love it when they give you free food for dressing in a cow costume.
jake, audrey and i all dressed up and got complete meals (miles wouldnt have eaten his anyway so i did not make him suffer through being dressed up. but he will next year). they had a photobooth to get your pictures taken in for free. we took advantage of that. 
we even got to meet some friends there and enjoy some time with them. all in all it was a great evening.
oh if youre curious how we did our costumes i just took one of my old black shirts that i dont wear anymore and zigzag stitched white felt spots onto it. for jake's i just got an old white undershirt and stitched black felt spots, he did the letters, quite well i might add. for audrey's i did end up buying her a shirt at joanns but its pretty big on her so she can wear it next year. i had some leftover iron-on letters and stitched the black felt spots. i cut felt noses and we just taped those on. for the ears i just cut out the shapes and then folded the flat end over and stitched it leaving a hole for the headband. pretty easy.

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