Saturday, September 29, 2012

we went to the zoo, like a month ago

we went to the dallas zoo (about a month ago and i totally wanted to post about it and then forgot) with some great friends and it was so fun. i love their new african savannah exhibit. they have a feeding area for giraffes. thats right, you get to feed real giraffes - or just be cheap like me and pet the giraffes when they are eating someone else's lettuce. yup, i got to pet a real giraffe, it was so awesome. if that was the only exhibit i think i would have been happy.
oh yeah, audrey got to pet the giraffe too, ride the carousel and be with some of her favorite friends. we also rode the monorail. it was a good day. here's some pictures:
 miles didnt get to ride the carousel because it was broken when we first got there. which is probably good because whenever the bell went off for it to start he would freak out. but he sure looks cute sitting on that hummingbird.
 why do the kids love the statues more than watching the real animals.
 we touched it. it was so cool!
 monorail, monorail.

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