Friday, September 14, 2012

joined a gym

so i joined a gym in august. i finally decided to do it because i injured my foot in july and couldnt do the high impact exercise that i have at home. the doctor said that i could do an eliptical or cycling. the gym has those 2 things, plus it is less than a mile from my house, plus it has free childcare, plus its only $10 a month.
after being a member for a month i have to say i love it. the free childcare is great, now i can workout when my child is awake, leaving his naptime for cleaning and napping myself. and he loves going to the kids club and getting out of the house.
and i feel like im getting a good workout. this week i did 4.85, 4.84 and 5 miles on the eliptical in 45 minutes. so hurray for fitness connection.

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