Tuesday, November 27, 2012

our thanksgving

we had a wonderful thanksgiving where almost all our close family was able to spend time together. we did the meal at my parents house because lets face it, our house is too small for a big meal.
audrey was very excited and even made a craft for us all to participate in, she drew turkey parts that we had to color and then cut and glue them together. heres some pictures:
audrey wanted to try some press on nails with dora but decided they felt too weird to actually wear them for the holiday.
and to make sure that audrey understood that thanksgiving is about being thankful we made a thanksgiving tree. i just used scrapbook paper and cut out a tree shape. then cut out leaf shapes out of scrapbook paper. she loved writing what she was thankful for all by herself. (yes there is a turkey decoration flying around by the tree, guess who did that?!)
some major things we are thankful for this year are: miles development (he only has to see a physical therapist once every 3 months and he no longer needs occupational therapy, yeah!!), audrey and jake's school, God's faithfulness and unfailing love.

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