Thursday, November 8, 2012

we hatched some butterflies

audrey received the butterfly garden for her birthday. it is basically a mesh enclosure for you to watch caterpillars become butterflies. with the enclosure comes a coupon code to send off for your caterpillars. i made the mistake of sending for them when it was still too warm.
when they arrived we had some crispy critters, it didnt help that we are at the end of our mailman's route so they probably sat in his hot truck all day. but they guarantee at least 3 that will turn into butterflies so i sent them back (i marked out the part on the envelope that says "live" and wrote dead). this time i had them sent to my parent's house as they get their mail sooner in the day. and it worked, very well. this time we had 6 live ones, very live ones.
it was so amazing to see how they developed and audrey LOVED it! i definitely recommend this as a gift for your kids and its only $20 plus $5 for every shipment of live caterpillars (yes, you can reuse your enclosure over and over).
we released them yesterday. audrey was alittle heartbroken. they are painted lady butterflies and we hit the jackpot, we had 6. we will definitely be doing this again.

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