Monday, January 7, 2013

christmas break and the sickness that took us down

so we got the flu for christmas and it wiped us out for the whole 2 weeks my husband and daughter had off from school. we were able to get some family time in but it was definitely a different christmas, we just vegged out and watched tv the whole time, while someone had a fever.
here are some pictures of the festivities and the banana bread we made (i love that stuff).
 miles eating at the table like a big kid.
 an apron i made.
 miles really got into his presents this year, it was awesome.
 audrey loving her new markers.
 we had a white christmas but we didnt get to play in it.
miles wearing the mr. potato head glasses.
 audrey cuddling with harley (my sister in laws dog)
 miles all time favorite present. he loves the cozy coupe.
miles and i went to the zoo with some friends on christmas eve. heres an ocelot.

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