Sunday, January 20, 2013

not a skinny jeans girl

i went to target and was just going to try on some of the new denizen skinny jeans. i had to see what the deal was with skinny jeans. one of the workers was in the area and pointed out that there was some of the exact same jeans in my size that were returned from online, this apparently makes them 75% off. so instead of $27.99 they were $7.06.
i tried them on and figuring that they were such a great deal i bought them. now i know that you should never buy something just because its such a great deal but i did it anyway. they looked good on me and i was happy with them.
i was going to wear them that very night. after about 1 hour in them and some pictures taken i decided that skinny jeans are not for me. im just not a skinny jeans girl.
 pay no attention to the toy chaos in the background.
ahh bootcuts, much better!


Annie said...

I pretty much can only wear them certain ways - like with tall boots or rolled up with flats or flip flops. Don't give up on them. They're here to stay for a while. Just try them different ways until you like it. That color looks great on you.

Annie said...

P.S. I love you, but you gotta take word verification off of your commenting. Blogger catches all of the spam comments so they don't post to your blog, and real people are more likely to comment if it were simpler. ;) Love ya!