Monday, January 6, 2014

perot museum of nature and science

we were able to score some free tickets to the perot museum of nature and science on new years eve. it was a fun museum but sometimes alittle over our children's heads. and i have to say, i hate all the computer games they have with the displays. my daughter just wants to play those and doesnt even look at the cool exhibits (i hate them at the zoo too, just look at the cool animals). heres some pictures.
 miles loved pushing those buttons.
 miles and a dinosaur footprint. these kind of museums (except for the kid area) are horrible if you have an active toddler, can you see the death grip i have on his hand. im sure miles would have shimmied right up that dinosaur skeleton if i would have let go of his hand.
 audrey and i getting ready to race a cheetah. it was lots of fun even though the cheetah had pretty much finished by the time we started.
 audrey running in front of a screen that showed her image.
audrey playing the xylophone at the front of the museum.

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