Tuesday, January 28, 2014

having a dog

oh, having a dog (puppy) can be alot of work. i have had cats all my adult married life up until now and they are so low maintenance, theyre great.
but dogs can be great too. sure you have to let them outside all the time to do their business, take them on walks to get rid of some of their energy, bathe them (cats bathe themselves, thats so awesome), love and give them a whole ton more attention than our cats ever needed, be careful where you lay any food item or anything that could be perceived as a food item (to a dog), and somewhat "baby" proof your home so they arent chewing on cords or picking up and eating things you wanted to keep (like shoes, toys, water bills, etc.).
i can get irritated that having a puppy can be like having another toddler in the house but then one of the kids lays by pepper potts on the floor and hugs her and they cuddle for awhile. then i remember its worth it. here are some pictures to show how the kids are LOVING having a dog.

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