Thursday, August 14, 2008


audrey has been snotty, very drooly, and cranky lately. and she wants to put everything in her mouth. im suspecting that the 2 year molars are on their way. but maybe its something else, who knows.
a couple of my friends tease me that i think every little kid symptom is teething. but when kids are at this age it could be teething.
so i spent yesterday at home with audrey instead of going to work. we went to the park by our house and we danced and chased each other around the house. doesnt sound like a sick kid, right?! but audrey tends to still want to be active even when she feels alittle out of it.

i think one of the hardest decisions to make is whether to make your kid go to work (thats what we call audrey's childcare since its at my office, no we do not have her in a sweatshop. :) i pray every time that God will show me what to do. and He definitely did yesterday. right as i was wiping audrey's nose before we left she threw up alittle. so that was my answer.

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