Tuesday, August 5, 2008

trip #2 to virginia beach

flying with a toddler can be interesting. but all in all i would have to say that audrey did great. we had some pretty turbulent flights and it didnt even seem to faze audrey. what a trooper. maybe she will be a pilot some day. just as long as she can have her pacifier, which the sucking helps with air pressure changes. :)

and im so glad that i read that you can take their carseat to the gate, ask if the plane is full, and if its not your lap child can have a seat. if the plane is full they will check the carseat for you (like they do strollers) and you get it back right when you exit the plane. audrey was able to have her own seat for 5 of the 6 flights we made.

of course the only time she had to sit in my lap was the longest flight, 3 hours. but we all lived through it. i even made audrey some pipe cleaner glasses.

we had a great time with jake's grandparents. they loved audrey, of course, who couldn't. and she really took to them too, which was what i had been praying for. here are some pictures of her with them.

one of the best parts about going was the food. jake's grandparent's still have a garden and they grow tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers and zuchinni. they also have a blueberry bush, pear and peach trees. heres a picture of audrey devouring the tomatoes. she loved them. it made me wish that we had a garden. maybe i will try to grow something this fall, we'll see.

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