Monday, August 25, 2008

my little girl is almost 2

plans for audrey's birthday are coming about very nicely. i have her birthday dress all done and i think it is the cutest thing. i really want to make some bows for her hair to match it but i cant find those stupid barrette clips, joanns does not seem to carry them. i will take some pictures and post them on the big day (days really, since she will have 2 family parties, what a lucky girl!).
and i found the recipe and instructions on how to make doggy face cupcakes (it was from a previous family circle). i just have to decide what kind of doggy i will make. probably a golden retriever or some sort of lab.
i just need to do the invitations, even though its just family parties, i still want to do cute invitations.
oh, by the way. we are doing a doggy theme party for audrey. if you know audrey at all you know that she loves doggies. and she likes to crawl around the house barking. what a silly girl!!


Eleanor said...

I am trying to get to Audrey's party. I think I may have to work, but I will hopefully be around a little that weekend so maybe I can see you some then... loves.

Spoons said...

Parties are always fun but very hectic-- you have your work cut out with 2! Hope things go well :)