Thursday, July 17, 2008

air conditioner part 2

when i got home yesterday the house had gotten up to 88 degrees and poor jake was all sweaty from the heat. our ac repairman came at 2 and by then our house was into the 90's. i stupidly decided that i would still work out yesterday, eventhough jake advised against it. i had to stop early, it was just too hot. i dont know how those people who do yoga in 98 degree rooms do it. i would die, or kill people.
anywayz, our repairman searched and searched for the problem. he even sent his assistant into the attic, poor guy. at first he thought that our freon was completely gone and he couldnt find the leak anywhere. he was afraid that maybe we had someone stealing our freon to get high. then he finally found our freon, it was being shoved into the wrong spot by a valve. so he fixed that and hopefully it will all be fixed.
please pray that our ac is fixed. if this does not solve the problem we have to get a new outside unit. yuck, and ours isnt even that old.
the one good thing about our ac repairman is that he didnt charge us for anything. yeah!!

when i put audrey down for a nap in her room i pointed the fan right at her so she would be ok. but when she woke up she was a little sweatball. even the tips of her pigtails were sweaty. but she slept good, 3 1/2 hours.
i hope this is the end of our air conditioning saga.


Kris & Mike said...

Sorry that y'all are going through that, I would invite you over but we have a sick house right now!

Heather said...

I can definitely identify with the AC issues. Ours gave out on Saturday afternoon and my dad has spent all week trying to diagnose the problem. I have been staying over in Granbury with my parents because after one night of the heat I could not handle it. I guess you feel it even more when you are pregnant. Anyway, they are so expensive to fix and always seem to give out at the worst times. Ours is costing us around $400 to fix! I will pray that they resolve the issue soon! Hang in there!

Spoons said...

We still have that unit if you want to borrow it-- but I will pray that it got fixed. You guys can also come hang out here if you want to-- I'm home :)