Tuesday, July 22, 2008

reading books...

i am reading some great books. they are from a series called "the no. 1 ladies dectective agency". its about a woman in botswana, africa who runs her own detective agency and the fun adventures that each case puts her in.
i found that the first book is kind of hard to follow and get into at first but by the end i was hooked.
one of the things i really like about these books is that the author puts alot of African culture into the story. he has lived in botswana so i trust that the references are correct.
one of the things that really struck me about their culture is how they see that people who have enough money for their families (example: if you have enough money to buy food, clothes and pay for your house) should have servants. if you dont have servants you are seen as selfish because if you dont employ "your maid" then she is jobless and its your fault that she does not have money to buy food for her family. i thought that was really interesting to think about it that way.
if you like to read then you should try this series. its at the arlington public libraries so you dont even have to buy it.
if you dont like to read then you should be reading. its good for you.

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Kris & Mike said...

Sounds like a good read Lyndy! I just finished a good book called One Mississippi. It was a little bizarre, but good. No more reading for me until summer school is over though!