Tuesday, July 8, 2008

fourth of july festivities

well for the fourth of july we did do alot. we made it out to the parade on friday morning and found a great spot to watch under a tree. audrey loved the horsies and wanted more horsies, she kept on saying "horsies, please!" its so fun to go to a parade with a little kid, their excitement is very contagious.
then after audrey's nap we went to the in-laws for swimming and hot dogs. audrey did pretty good in the big pool. she was in her floaty thing awhile and we held her. i tried to get her to lay on her back some. she looked so cute with her little wet pigtails.
on saturday my family came over and we had dinner together and then went and saw the fireworks at the highlands. we ended up parking in an insurance office parking lot alittle down the street, but i think we had a better view than the people at the highlands. the fireworks only lasted about 10 minutes but there were some good ones.
it was a good fourth.

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Heather said...

Such an adorable picture! What a cutie! :)