Wednesday, July 2, 2008


so i have been busy planning some vacations and i cant wait.
1st vacation: to guthrie, oklahoma with my mom and daughter to see my best friend from junior high, her daughter and her mom. we will be staying in a little b and b cottage and just catching up. this will be our second year to do this (not in a cottage last year but it was still very fun).
the cottage has a kitchen so we can cook our own meals and we can let the little girls just play in the house. i think it will be much easier than hotel rooms.
2nd vacation: to virginia beach to see jake's grandparents. this is the first time for us to fly with audrey so im alittle nervous. and we have to change planes. but im sure shell do fine, she always does. and i will have LOTS of new, fun, quiet toys to play with on the plane.
jakes grandparents will love getting to see audrey again. they got to see her last year and couldnt stop talking about what a great baby she was. wait until they get to see her running around and talking.
thats all for my first post.


Amy said...

Hey Lyndy - when are you going to be in Guthrie? We live about an hour from there! Hope you have fun.

Lyndy said...

we will be in guthrie only for a day.
how are you guys doing?
i bet that hannah is getting cuter by the day. :)