Friday, September 5, 2014

Miles' birthday

we had a wonderful time celebrating miles birthday. he turned 4 in june.
we are so thankful for his development and progress that he has made this year, especially verbally as he is saying more words all the time. we are also so thankful that miles has been so healthy. we know that God has his hand on our miles and is making him into just the little guy that he wants him to be.
for miles' party we did a car theme this year. audrey helped me make the car dessert. it was peanut butter bars with a candy bar attached on top with peanut butter, starlight mints for wheels and racing stripes with fruit by the foot. it was alot of fun to make and eat, although miles didnt eat his.

 miles really wanted to drive his car dessert but ended up enjoying his ritz crackers instead.
this boy loves hulk.

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