Friday, September 5, 2014

what a crazy, busy summer

i wasnt as prepared for keeping the kids busy this summer but it turned out i didnt need to be.
we kept plenty busy with library and other reading logs, swimming lessons for audrey, walks with pepper potts (and getting her used to walking with a stroller, she is still working on that one), art camp and vbs for audrey, free slurpee day, cow appreciation day at chick fil a (we got free breakfast and dinner this year), a new train set for miles, pretending to be dinosaurs (miles is loving dinosaurs right now), road trip to waco to visit friends, their new baby and a childrens museum, marvel day at barnes and noble (audrey dressed as invisible woman, she pretty much came up with the costume herself), swimming at my sister-in-law's apartment pool, and "camping" in the backyard (i just set up the tent one day and they played out there, there was no sleeping in our backyard since it is hot in texas in the summer).
 art camp
 free slurpees
 swimming lessons, she loved the diving board
 thomas train track
 on our road trip
 dinosaur exhibit at the childrens museum, mayborn on baylor campus (if you have never been there you should go, its FUN!)

 forecasting the weather while miles ran around like a wild man because he could see himself on tv
 the cutest tv anchors
 2 miles, now that would be scary
audrey in a bubble
 invisible woman

 toasting "marshmallows" on our "campfire"

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