Friday, September 5, 2014

packing for our trip to VA

i kind of like challenging myself to do things as simple as possible. so i challenged myself to bring the least amount of clothing for our trip to VA. the key is to bring things that mix and match all together and wearing a pair of pants, one of the shirts, the scarf and cardigan on the plane.
here is what i took for our 5 day trip:
4 shirts (navy, black, gray, white bird)
2 pairs of pants (coral, purple)
1 pair of shorts
1 dress
1 light blue cardigan
1 multi colored scarf 
1 pair of gray chucks
1 pair of teal sandals
swim suit
jammies and other essentials (socks, undies, etc.)
thats it. and my family of 4 was able to pack all our clothing and stuff into only 2 carry on suitcases. and we had diapers and even managed to cram in the beach towels we ended up buying. it was awesome.
i dont have pictures of everything but you get the idea.

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