Friday, September 5, 2014

our trip to VA beach

lets pretend like i didnt take a 3 month break from my blog.
in june, right after school was out, we went on a trip to virginia beach. my husband's grandfather turned 90 this year and we went to celebrate him. we flew, miles first time - he did good, and audrey's first time that she can remember (the last time we flew, also to VA beach, she was almost 2).
the trip went great. our hotel was good, the sleeping arrangements worked out beautifully (they gave us a rollout bed for miles and he slept on the couch with the rollout bed creating a barrier for him), and audrey got to make some good memories with great grandpa. it couldnt have gone better.
here are some pictures:

 the kids didnt like the beach. miles didnt like the water and got sand in his mouth. audrey didnt like that the waves were rough and she got salt water in her mouth. i enjoyed it, for the little bit of time i got to play in the ocean.

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