Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2 excellent books you should be reading

safely home by randy alcorn is an excellent fictional account of the persecuted church but as ron dicianni says "not fantasy". these horrendous things are actually happening and the american church (me included) needs to be more aware and be PRAYING for our brothers and sisters enduring through persecution.
now before you say "i cant handle reading a book about horrible things happening to people" this book handles persecution in a way that you can handle. i am one of those people who didnt want to read this book but im so glad i did. did it challenge me? yes. was i uncomfortable with some of the scenes of torture? yes. but right along with that is a wonderful story of how our God is still with us and working for us.

the other book is kisses from katie by katie davis. this is a story about a girl who felt God calling her to live in Africa and love on kids. it is so excellent and im afraid if i tell you any more i will give things away. so no spoiler alerts here. just go read it.

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