Tuesday, June 11, 2013

plan for the summer

since audrey was so heart-broken that school was out for the summer i knew i needed to have a plan. so i made a huge calendar and wrote all the activities i could find from the library, art museum, free concerts at the pavillion downtown, fun stuff at chick fil a, plus any other events we had with church or friends or family. turns out that keeps us pretty busy.
i also made a clip behavior chart. if she does really well, like when she didnt complain when her brother stole her cracker sandwich and just let him have it, she moves up to blue and gets to pick a reward. she can pick from: 1. stay up 30 minutes later, 2. milkshake at sonic, 3. pick the movie and have a movie night, 4. pick out an item from dollar tree or the one spot at target. it is working pretty well so far.
heres some pics:
 our big calendar is on the blue. the behavior chart is orange with a blue strip at the top. those other 2 are our chore charts.
 we went to a book fair held at a local church for schools in the area. we got to pick out 10 books each, even me. and audrey got her face painted. we came home with 24 books, good ones, and i loved that the kids just wanted to sit and read them when we got home. 
 here is one of the library events we went to. it was at the municipal airport. first they had a storytime, then there was a short tour, we got to look into this plane, and then audrey made a paper airplane and got a balsam wood plane to make.
 this was when we went to target to get audrey's first reward, she wanted bugles. and we couldnt resist going down the toy aisle and having the kids put these on.
thats the cutest little ironman ive ever seen.

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