Thursday, June 13, 2013

the great park search has begun

this summer we are going to try out new parks that we have never been to in our area. today we visited one that not only had a fun playground, with the most adorable little truck for miles to "drive" (sorry my cell phone picture wont send to my computer), but it also had a sprayground. those things are awesome. if you dont know what a sprayground is its basically just an area where water shoots up in fountains and they have a few structures that squirt water. at this park it was a spiral and an arch that sprayed. miles and audrey loved it. i liked it too, theres nothing like getting wet on a really hot day.
i wish his face was just alittle more turned up because then you could see his oh-so-happy grin.
it was also nice to be the only ones there for the first 30 minutes.

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