Saturday, June 22, 2013

my boy is 3!!

i cant believe its already been 3 years since God blessed us with this bundle of joy (and now lots of energy and all boy-ness). happy birthday miles and may your year ahead be one of more feeding yourself, eating real food and developing into the boy God created you to be.
in the pictures above miles is eating spaghetti pie, one of the few real things he eats, so i made it for his birthday dinner.
for miles birthday we did a sesame street theme. heres a picture of the balloons audrey and i made to decorate. i think they turned out perfect.
and here is the boy opening presents, with his always helpful sister.
audrey bought him a book and we got him a super friends magna doodle. the stamps are the super hero symbols, its so cool.

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Betsey said...

Happy Birthday Miles!