Saturday, June 1, 2013

it was a good day

we started off the day by going to a storytime for miles at our library. they had stories and songs and then fun activities for the little kids to do like: wagon rides, 3 different tunnels (miles' favorite), sand boxes and a musical instrument area. they also had a drawing for a target giftcard. and guess who got one?? yup, i did. :)
then the library celebrated their 90th birthday of being open. so they had cake and punch and the kids got horns to blow.
then this evening our local chick-fil-a hosted a mother/son date knight. it was knight-themed and i was amazed at how they even decorated the dining room to look like a castle with fake looking stone wallpaper. they had real tablecloths and roses for the moms. they even seated you and then served you your food. miles got an inflatable sword, a stuffed knight cow, some crayons and a shield to decorate. we also received 2 coupons for free milkshakes. and if thats not enough they had a sand candy (like pixie stix powder) craft table to mix your own candy and then the cherry on the top was the horse-drawn carriage ride through the parking lot. miles liked the ride. at the end they let you pet the horse. miles was alittle timid at first but by the end of the pictures he liked that horse, bob, and cried when we had to leave. thanks chick-fil-a for a WONDERFUL event, as always.
heres some cell phone pics of our date night. what a handsome little man i was with!!

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Dekkerfan said...

looks like it twas a good day! Glad you got to do all that!